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TMI 2016 Awards of Excellence
17th Annual Architectural Awards

TMI Awards Newsletter
November 2016

Blue Ash Summit Park

2016 People's Choice and
Excellence in Masonry Design
Award Winner

Award Winners 2016 - Project Pictures


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2017-2018 OMA Board of Directors
2017-2019 OMA Trustees
(Updated 6/02/2017)

All dates are good through the annual meeting the next year. For individual contact info, send OMA a request or inquiry, mail@ohiomasonry.org.


Josh Naragon
Executive Director

Greg Schuerman, 2018
PCC Masonry

Mike Homan, 2018
Wayne Builders

Mark Vidika, 2018
Krete Industries

Paul Oldham, 2018
Immediate Past Chair
Ollier Masonry, Inc.

Board of Trustees


Ken DiPanfilo, 2017
Schory Cement Products

Joe Russ, 2018
Oberfields LLC

Shon Lay, 2019
Reading Rock


James (Hoss) Hoskinson, 2017
Lang Masonry Contractors

Brad Geissman, 2018
Adena Corporation

Adam Jacob, 2019
Jacob Masonry Contractors


John Doubikin, 2017
St. Mary's Cement

Denny Deppen, 2018
Cargil Industrial Specialities (CIS)

Matt Stickler, 2019

Masonry Suppliers

Dave Frost, 2017
Fidelity Builders Supply

Allen Tomes, 2018
Ironclay Masonry Products

Anthony "Rick" Oberhauser, 2019
W.L. Tucker Supply Company

Honorary Members

Richard Mathews
Richard Naragon
Larry Wilson
Gene Fuller
John Crawford
Bill Oberfield
Stan Koltz Sr.
Harold E Whitlatch
Dan G. Newton
Joseph Belot
Charles N. Crites
J. Chester Ebling
William H. Ebling
Richard E. Francis
Frederick R. Lang
David Lower
Clarence McCarroll
O.H. Seeger
John M. Taggart
Albert R. Totten