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November 2016

Blue Ash Summit Park

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Fire and mold resistant. It’s no wonder that for more than a century, concrete masonry has been the construction product of choice for Ohio’s leading commercial builders and design professionals. And, with the latest technology, concrete masonry’s superior quality, structural integrity and design possibilities are better than ever. When it comes to high quality construction, nothing stacks up like masonry.

Year-round energy savings

Concrete block masonry’s thermal mass delivers year-round energy efficiency. Block’s design offers greater efficiency than some other materials because the hollow cores limit the conduction of heat and cold, reducing your building’s energy consumption. With a wide variety of insulation strategies, masonry systems provide even greater opportunities to achieve energy savings.

Unlimited design versatility

Masonry’s modular design accommodates special angles, curves, wall heights, unique corners, and window and door openings. It provides greater flexibility in creating unique floor plans or adding additional features. It can easily handle last minute site changes, avoiding production delays and additional costs.

Mold and fire resistant

Building with concrete block masonry can make a life-saving difference. Unlike some building materials, masonry doesn’t provide a food source for mold to grow and proliferate. Mold requires moisture, oxygen and an organic food source. And if a food source is present, mold can be easily cleaned off its surface instead of requiring the costly replacement of building materials.  Concrete masonry is also noncombustible. No matter what the situation it will never burn.