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November 2016

Blue Ash Summit Park

2016 People's Choice and
Excellence in Masonry Design
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Most Requested Masonry Publications

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(TR95L) ASTM Standards
Be up to date with the latest provision in the ASTM Standards! Essential desk reference has been updated to include most commonly referenced standards. (2005) Retail: $120.00

(TR 090) Annotated & Construction Details for CM Design
Completely revised & updated! Hundreds of scale drawings illustrate reinforced & unreinforced concrete masonry construction details. Also includes commentary on each detail. Manual is accompanied by CD-ROM. 2002. Retail price: $140

(TR156A) Inspection & Testing of C M Construction
NEW! Now up-to-date inspection and testing in one easy to use manual. 2005 Retail: $64.00

(TB 07) TEK Manual - Concrete Masonry Design & Construction
The TEK series is a compilation of technical topics for industry professionals that have been developed to ensure quality concrete masonry design and construction. Over 500 pages of information. Index included. Retail: $ 160

(TR 091) Design Tables - Concrete Masonry & Precast Lintels
Design tables for lintels spanning building openings by both the allowable stress & strength design methods plus tables for design of precast lintels. Practical guidance on material specs & loading conditions
Retail: $40.00 (2003)

(TR 195) Field Testing Masonry Mortar
Be informed about proper laboratory and field testing procedures. Contains critical info on mortar tests and how to interpret results. Published by Portland Cement Association (1997) Retail: $2.80

(CMS10) Structural Masonry Design System Ver. 4
Web ordering currently not working for this item. To order please call 703-713-1900. Formerly NCMA Masonry Design Software. Concrete masonry and clay masonry software for allowable stress design and strength design according to '05, '02, '99, or '95, ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402 or the 2000 or 2003 IBC. Includes reinforced and unreinforced walls, shear walls, columns, lintels, custom face shell thicknesses, 14 & 16 inch units, interaction diagrams and much more. (2006) Retail: $ 370.00 (Note: See CMS10U for discounted upgrade price for current 3.0 and higher holders). Price: $ 259.00

(CMS 11711) Design Software for Segmental Retaining Walls
SRWall 3.22 version. Newly updated to include seismic design. Covers design of both conventional gravity and soil reinforced walls in accordance with NCMA's Second Edition Design Manual for SRWalls. Retail: $260.00

(TR 118) Concrete Masonry Handbook
A comprehensive guide to CM construction. Covers units, mortar, grout, layout, applied finishes, construction techniques and maintenance. Portland Cement Association. 262 pages (1991) Retail: $60

(TR 088) Hot & Cold Weather Masonry Construction Manual
Used as a reference guide for above & below normal temperature conditions, this manual is based on the provisions of Specification for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-99/ASCE 6-99/TMS)602-99.
20 pages (1999) Retail: $ 12